3 definitions by Jim Jam

Cash money, usually referring to $1000.
I need to work my hours, I really need to get this guap son.
by Jim Jam November 1, 2005
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A perverted man who spikes women's drinks on a night out. Chemical Anth will also rape you and your dog whilst he finds something to drink. He will drink anything. For example bleach.
Woke up in my house and all my cleaning products are empty. Looks like you've been chemical anthed
by Jim Jam July 6, 2019
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v. To lose badly or be prevailed over another to a great degree, usually in a some form of competition or verbal disagreement.

2.Much like the word sonned, but to a much more greater extent.

3.A comeback after being sonned
1. Nick was fathered by me in that game of poker.

2. Jim was completely fathered in that basketball game yesterday. He lost 21 to 3

3. Jimmy tried to son that dude with slam dunk but that guy fathered him and smacked it out his hands.
by Jim Jam November 1, 2005
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