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Portland, Oregon is the one of the most beautiful, clean, and unique city on the West coast. Though Portland may have many different 'scenes' and 'types' of locals (yuppies, hipsters, folkies...etc), we all have have something in common...the love and respect for our environment. It's an artsy city as the Willamette river divides the city in two creating even more subcultures. However, as city development continues and housing prices start to rise, what used to be cool parts of Portland are turning into high-priced, fabricated yuppie scenes.
Aside from all the outdoorsy activity that Portland offers, the city hosts an awesome music scene. Many great bands come from Portland and most bands that travel from San Fransisco to Seattle stop at one of many Portland's great venues.
P.s. Californians stay out
Portland: Hour to the beach, hour to the mountains, less to the George. Wonderland
by Jhalll August 26, 2008

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