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1. a well-known martial artist who entered Hollywood and became one of the most respected Chinese-American in US history, because all the white people were afraid they would get their ass kicked if they made fun of him. He barely had no body fat and his kicks would send people literally flying. Sadly, his tragic death was mysterious. Nobody knows to this day.

2. To kick someone's ass with great skill and techniques. (referring to Bruce Lee kicking a lot of asses)
1. Bruce Lee is bad ass.

2. Don't make me go Bruce Lee on your ass.
by JesterHat November 10, 2008

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Claimed as Son of God, being born of a virgin. Lived His life telling the Good News and healing people who were hurt physically and spiritually. He hung out with sinners(even went to parties and drank), and it made the Pharisees jealous cause they couldn't have much fun as Jesus did so they planned to kill Him. Even though He committed no sin, He was crucified on the cross but rose again on the third day, conquering sin and death. Went back to Heaven and gave us the Holy Spirit, so we can continue to share the Good News.
All Jesus Christ wanted was love.

Jesus Christ was a G. He chilled with the thugs, beggars, prostitutes, and other sinners.

Jesus Christ kicked sin and death's ass.
by JesterHat December 06, 2008

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A wedding ceremony where the groom and bride pets each other rather sexually in front of the altar while the priest is speaking.
Me: Did you see the pedding today? It was hot!

Friend: Yeah, I was in the back, jacking off. It was like a porn movie or something.

Me: ....

Friend: What?

Me: That's your sister, you sick fuck.
by JesterHat August 30, 2009

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