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A meme that describe a generalization of a person feeling(s) of their desires of a lover with similar memes like (insert boyfriend girlfriend), doomer, boomer, zoomer and coomer
I send wojacks when I see cringe boomers making fun of the younger generation
by Jerryboiz December 02, 2019

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A term for a agent in the United States or any country that's undercover suspiciously posting radical ideas or terrorist plot
Someone found a glow talking about Muslims and calling them sand niggers.
by Jerryboiz October 26, 2020

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A white male having sex with a black female.
Term comes from how coffee changes colors from black to a lighter shade of brown from a creamer
We've seen coal burners but never see the coffee creamed in public
by Jerryboiz December 03, 2019

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The term uses the media's depiction of a gamer as a form of dark comedy. Using an unwanted situation or event and have it use for something a gamer has experinced in their play session before
Gf takes my ps4

*Beats GF*
Pro gamer moves had to be used at these situations.
by Jerryboiz March 26, 2020

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A sister term to PAAG (phat ass asian girl) Coming from two terms riceman and cake ricecake combines the term mainly with cake. A Asian with a big ass and thick thighs.
I love walking around the beach seeing nice booty and especially ricecakes enjoying themselves
by Jerryboiz March 12, 2021

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From the famous on going anime Pokemon Brock is portrayed as a handy guy and near nurse, officer Jenny or any older girl

Brock is portrayed as a simp and or affectionate hungry asking for their love and then take his shot before Misty May or Dawn grabbing him by the ear
There goes Joe asking the new girl he just ask like brock.
by Jerryboiz January 03, 2021

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A term derogatory towards Muslims. The term originate from the sound a clock or a timer goes down
If he keeps being angry that they won't let him do his rituals he might become a ticker
by Jerryboiz September 21, 2020

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