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The clitoris, nestled inside of the vagina.
Marjorie, became enflamed with lust as she read her naughty novel, causing her little man in a canoe to swell and beg for a finger banging.
by Jerry Paratestees October 25, 2014

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On a mans cock, a region which varies from man to man, but usually about 45 degrees off of the end of the piss slit and on or just below the cockhead, which when stimulated with the tongue or other wet mouth surfaces, can cause an immediate orgasm. The discovery of this nerve on a man may render him completely at ones mercy.
I lightly teased his cock head with my mouth and tongue before turning on the suction to full and then diving in and going full force, bathing his Cum Nerve with that wet sticky saliva that only true cocksuckers can make.
by Jerry Paratestees August 09, 2009

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Connie is of course a girls best friend, but her sister Ana is a hit with the gay guys. If Connie Lingus refers to getting your snatch eatern then Ana Lingus refers to getting your ass rimmed.
The Lingus Sisters are very close and often go to parties together, Connie is not very popular with gay men, who love Ana. And Connie is always welcome at Lesbian gatherings even if Ana is invited or not.
by Jerry Paratestees August 10, 2009

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