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When the two words 'chill' and 'relax' were combined a word was created: 'chillax'; a conjunction that, when used solely and didactically, can change the general mood or atmosphere of an entire room of people. 'Chillax' by itself is a powerful word, but is nothing in comparison to the sentence that was coined soon after: 'chillax to the MAX'. This sentence should be used with care as it has the power to COMPLETELY relax a room full of people.
Jen: OMG I havent revised for my EXAM OMG!
Dan: Jen....
Dan: Chillax
Jen: You're right Dan, exams are insignificant! Let's focus on our health and happiness and worry about petty bureaucracy another time.
by Jen D January 17, 2006
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A male who acts like a female because he will not have intercourse with his girlfriend or partner.
Josh wouldn't have sex with me last night even after I went down on him; what a pussydick.
by Jen D January 05, 2006
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(adj) (pronounced sWordee)
Inspired by the regional american accents in the Disney film 'Aladdin' (1993), 'swordy' has come to be synonomous with nifty or cool.
In the song 'Prince Ali' a small boy has the line 'One hundred bad guys with sWords'. The term 'swordy' came from and highlights the lack of a silent W in the boy's pronunciation due to a strong New York accent.
Mum: Yes, dear?
Boy: What are we doing tomorrow?
Mum: Tomorrow we are going to Disney Land!
Boy: WOW Swordy!
Mum: :S
by Jen D January 17, 2006
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