5 definitions by Jeffmcjez

A over complicated word for “he didn’t murder (name)”
“He’murder’nt’yth’eh’ed Hudson
by Jeffmcjez July 02, 2021
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The fear of a asteroid flying out of the sky and removing your penis, very brutally
Man I have a severe case of asropenalaphobia
by Jeffmcjez June 10, 2021
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A word used for someone who is overly annoying sometimes and is rather cheeky too, also used for someone who hates something that really isn’t that bad, like eating a crumb of bread that they wanted.
“I tell you Hudson is a true autistic monkey
by Jeffmcjez June 27, 2021
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The dreadeye is a really terrifying demon, I decided to make this because I keep seeing a odd entity outside my window and it doesn’t look like a known demon so here’s my name,

It’s eyes are pitch black and it has a white face with a very large mouth and doesn’t have any other facial features.
The only thing it resembles is gaster from Undertale
I just saw a dreadeye and I’m terrified
by Jeffmcjez July 10, 2021
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It basically just means you’re a peasant but it’s just a very sophisticated way of saying it
Look at you poor, peasant, you’re a fine example of peasantisim
by Jeffmcjez June 10, 2021
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