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(also federline)

1. To commit to a relationship in order to secure one's future

2. To feign commitment to a relationship long enough for a seed to be planted in the womb so that one's future may be secure

3. To hoodwink


1. A talentless shit stain
(v) Remember that rich slut, Sarah? John federlined the fuck out of her. She's having his bastard in a few months.

(v) This whip that I just purchased runs like a piece of shit. That pearly-toothed car salesman sure kevin federlined me! Gee!

(n) - Let's rap battle, Jamerius.
- You's a kevin federline, duke.
by Jeff T July 15, 2005
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v. to choke out a bitch and/or small child
n. the act of choking out a bitch/and or small child

"Benoit" can also be used as a substitute
"Bitch, stop stealing the blankets or I will Chris Benoit your shivering ass."

"My dad pulled a Benoit and all I got was this fucking bible."
by Jeff T June 28, 2007
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1. To fornicate sans prophylactics
- I fucked Sandra last night.
- You wear a rubber?
- No. I buried the bastard.
by Jeff T July 15, 2005
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