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Disgust your friends by sliding back your smeggy fore skin right before their eyes. See lion
" Look at me you bitches i'm peeling the lion and your going to watch"
by Jebusmoore November 05, 2007
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The term used to describe the act someone who works in a Lab testing peoples Faeces would engage in. Some more modern labs use little spades to transfer specimens, but this term is for the old fashion and hard core Labs.
" Hey lads i got me job back at the lab, so i guess I'll be getting muddy fingers again"
by Jebusmoore October 19, 2007
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To understand the perpetrators of this crime see labrat.

Degenerate Lab technicians consume test tubes of semen orally and when they arrive at the last tube a system call screwball scramball comes into play. The test tube is thrown into the air and the labrats fight for the male reproductive fluid.
"okay guys were down to the last tube of the good stuff, SCREWBALL SCRAMBALL MOTHER FUCKERS".

Sam " yo chill it was totally awesome ya, there was like ten of us in the lab last night and i won man"
Mick " what, the srewball scramball, that's totally rad bwana"
by jebusmoore December 27, 2007
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When playing Fifa multi player 2 v 2 on xbox, these are the two that when paired together are quite honestly the worst. They probably have never played a proper game of football and if you end up with one of these on your side it can ruin your weekend.
They desperately, shamelessly and degradingly blame each other for inept play and decision making in the vain attempt to come out top of the wank.
It is tradition when you have scored against the Wank bros to point and say wank at each one of the pair as quickly as is necessary.
Lets practice:
it's not 'wank.................wank'
It is in fact 'wankwank'.
1, easy game this evening as we have be pitted against the wank brothers (wank brothers look embarrassed but except their label)
2, thank god for that, i'm not with either of the wank brothers.
by jebusmoore December 17, 2007
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Can be used to describe your manhood. The pubic bush being the maine and the truncated love length the dangerous bit. See 'peeling the lion'
"Go on Pizer get your lion out, and peel the bastard."
by Jebusmoore November 05, 2007
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Theses two words (Lab Rat) conjoined to form one. Labrats are the sub class workers of Labs who sample the samples behind closed doors. Resulting in Muddy fingers and spunk stained beards. This explains why results are inconclusive quite often when you see the doctor.
Other words for this type of person would be come guzzlers and KFC's (because their always finger licking)
HTV News:
" A Somerset man was dismissed from his job at the Bristol BRI this morning, when he was exposed as a Labrat. It is rumored he had consumed 14 Liters of sperm in his first week and 24 stools. The authorities claim the man did not work alone and they need to do more research on the meaning of the term 'screwball scramball".
by Jebusmoore November 23, 2007
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When a fully grown man says he has a vagina and when you turn round he has forced ball n all through his legs just leaving his pubic region visible, we all laugh.
If he were then to turn round, open his legs and force his penis back in the opposite to natural direction (his genitals would now be upside down,balls on top) and repeat in quick succession. His manhood would be twitching and therefore making him a Twitcher.
" Go on Pie, do your twitcher you fat flatulent bastard"
by Jebusmoore November 05, 2007
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