4 definitions by Jason Patrick Doherty

The third in a series, as in movies or literature.
I am excited about the upcoming threequel to Ghostbusters!
by Jason Patrick Doherty September 21, 2008
1. To partially understand. A partial understanding. The kind of understanding that leaves one wondering.

Greg took Ashley and Amy aside and said to them, "Now girls, Carrie is going to be your new mommy, do you understand?"

Ashley looked at Amy, then back at her father and said, "I wonderstand."

Greg made a disappointed face yet said nothing more, leaving the girls to their wonderstanding.
by Jason Patrick Doherty March 11, 2008
A very bad example. A flawed representation.
The following is an unxample of good grammar:

"she collected the nearest object in the room and hited one of them on the head and screamed to the hearing of the neighbouring compounds and people came out and descended on the criminals, the next morning the police came to the guest house and arrested my sister, since then she has been kept under awaiting trial in central prison of Dakar because the criminal she heated died as a result of the severe beating given to him by the neighborhood. i will be very glad to also have detailed information about you."*

*Dear Urban Dictionary, this is an excerpt of a spam email I recieved, and was the inspiration for my coining of the word 'unxample'.
by Jason Patrick Doherty November 17, 2007
To scam someone out of something they owe you but do not want to give you.
I had to fanoogle her out of the chainsaw I let her borrow.
by Jason Patrick Doherty March 12, 2007