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Panties with a hole in the crotch, usually worn by chicks who demand efficiency or are just too damn drunk to figure out how to take off their undergarments.
Jack: Oh no, I am completely intoxicated and the loss of my fine motor coordination has rendered me unable to take off your panties.
Jill: Don't worry, I have party panties on.
Jack: You're such a whore.
by Japmasta Funk August 20, 2009
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A nickname for a thief so unskilled it is as though the force of gravity is trying to steal your things.
"Ah damn it, it happened again."
"All the lights are on, my TV's on the lawn, and my dog won't come out of the bathroom."
"Ah man, it's almost like somebody tried to break in."
"It's probably just gravity, no burglar is this bad."
by Japmasta Funk October 10, 2008
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1) An arduous and contemptable situation or subject.

2) A festival attended by people of sub-par intelligence in which they fling feces at each other.
1) "Ah man, this class is so confusing, what a shitflingerfest."

2)"Is Mike home?"
"No, he went to the shitflingerfest with the Andersons from down the street, he should be back around dinner."
by Japmasta Funk October 10, 2008
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