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Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps
Mission is to motivate young people to be better citizens.
If you are in JROTC you will have fun and gain responsibilty and become a better citizen.
by Jane Doe October 06, 2003
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indirectly telling on someone
Standing within earshot of someone, saying loudly what you want that person to "overhear":

Within earshot of the boss, you say loudly, "Yuo know Ike is just blowing off the day. He came in late and has been sitting on his ass!"
by Jane Doe May 06, 2005
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stupid annoying ugly arrogant uncreative worthless & untalented little black kid who thinks he's so great because his father Master P made it big in the rap world. and because he's the son of this fool, lil romeo is cashing in on this status from many young impressionable urban black girls with giant crushes who actually pay money for awful albums, and retarded concerts thinking they'll marry this little bitch someday.
lil romeo makes all those horrid boy bands of the past such as O-town actually look talented and admirable.
by jane doe June 04, 2004
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an unsightly large slut who has fucked up make up and hot pink stilletos. (thats a given) originated from jaba the hut.
look at jaba the slut over there eating a hoagie while pole dancing.
by jane doe October 18, 2004
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when a girl wares her paints to damn low and you can see the "V" that is made where the two butt checks come together.
Britney Speares has way to much asscrack
by Jane Doe December 14, 2003
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n. A person (male or female) you're seeing/dating and have an affectionate relationship with. Not a one nighter or fuck buddy. Someone you don't mind hugging or kissing in public. Sometimes (in DC) used inter-changeably with "boo".
v. To meet up with the aforementioned person and do warm fuzzy couple things, such as watch a movie and/or cuddle. To bun.
N. Homie#1 - Yo, dawg, who was that girl I saw u with at the movies?
Homie#2 - Pssshh. You don't know? That was my bun.

V. Homie#1 - Ay, dawg, you hanging out tonight?
Homie#2 - Nah. I'm bunnin' with my girl tonight.
by Jane Doe January 05, 2005
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bunny ranches are giant whore houses, with beautiful chicks, that will do anything you want for thousands of dollars. They aint cheap, located outside of Vegas
jimmy : ey lets go get some poontang at a bunny ranch
by jane doe August 24, 2004
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