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Roonerspism is the Spoonerism of Spoonerism
by JamesCT April 26, 2006
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Geek porn or nerd porn is an image or video of a computer or device stripped of its case and surrounding packaging, so that the raw circuitry is exposed.

The term is sometimes used to refer to traditional pornography targeted toward geeks, such as women holding computer equipment, or 3D model rendered women from video games like was done for a spread for Playboy.
If you ask me, Dwane spends way too much time with his geek porn.
by JamesCT May 3, 2006
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(noun) Daring to tread where others fear to.
She had the temerity to challenge her superior
by JamesCT April 26, 2006
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(noun) Chiefly British. Term for individual with conservative ideals and/or membership of the Conservative political party. Typically a member of the privileged élite, typified in Parliament by old-Etonians groomed for Oxbridge and further successes in their well-fed, cosseted, self-indulgent lives. Tories (plural) tend to go through life blissfully unaware of the realities most people face. Underneath all the rhetoric policies are aimed at further creation of wealth amongst the affluent and disdain for classes considered 'below' themselves.
David Cameron was the iconic Tory.
by JamesCT April 26, 2006
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