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A character in The Silence of Lambs, famous for hitting Clarice on the face with some spunk.
Lecter: What did Miggs say to you? Multiple Miggs in the next cell, he hissed at you, what did he say?

Clarice: He said, I can smell your cunt.
by James Padgett April 08, 2004

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Someone who is over 50 who uses the Internet, silver meaning the colour of hair commonly associated with the over 50s.
My Dad is a silver surfer.
by James Padgett April 09, 2004

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An ex-football manager who managed Manchester United and Aston Villa to name but two.

Famed for his love of the sun bed, looking orange and strange creations of words. He makes no effort to pronounce foreign players names correctly and "Ron-glish" his own football language came to the front during World Cup 2002.

Resigned from his commentary post at ITV and as a column writer for The Guardian after, unknowlingly broadcasting to millions of people in the middle east he said about Chelsea's Marcel Desailly,
"In some schools they'd call him fucking lazy, thick nigger."

Also tried his hand at covering some Frank Sinatra numbers, but he sold about 20 copies of his album. 10 to his family, plus 1 each to Des Lynam, Ally McCoist, Clyve Tyldsley and Andy Townsend. The other 6 purchasers are unknown.

Likes his jewellery, which earned him the nickname Mr. Bojangles.
Ron Atkinson: 'Well, Clive, it's all about the two Ms - movement and positioning.'
by James Padgett April 25, 2004

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A "loan shark" is an unofficial, illegal person / organisation who loans money. The advantage of using a loan shark is that there is no credit check on your past, so anyone can borrow money from them. THe disadvantages are the extortionate rates of interest and that the loan is secured on your body. If you don't pay your installments, you get a broken leg. If you miss another, your other leg is broken and it goes on and on.
"I am really strapped for cash and the bank have turned me down for a loan."

"You need a laon shark pal."
by James Padgett July 18, 2004

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