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A friend who is obsessed with you and won't stop calling, following, and trying to be seen with you.
Ellen is such a friend stalker, she won't stop calling me! I don't even like her!
by Jaja A August 12, 2006
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A girl who is jelous of everyone and hates them.
Why is that ho jelous of me? She's just a hater ho.
by Jaja A August 01, 2006
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An acne mustache; having acne on one's upper lip.
Guy: Have you kissed Jessica yet?
Boyfriend: Hell no... Have you seen her ack stash?
Guy: Oh... Gross.
by Jaja A January 10, 2009
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to be blatantly ignored by someone who knows you.
Girl: He walked by me without even saying anything.

Girl2: He totally just iced you.
by Jaja A January 22, 2010
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People who specifically downrate something to 1 star, just to get the person's rating to drop down to a lower rank.(i.e. webpage, upload, etc.)

Example 1: That guy is a total rater hater! My upload was 5 stars and now it's only 4. That loser must of rated it 1 star!

Example 2: Damn, you got rated hated by someone.
by Jaja A July 31, 2006
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the action of humping; to fuck
I'm 'bout to get some humption tonight!

Did you see Jack and Kelly? Major humption!
by Jaja A November 08, 2010
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to be negative and boring. Negative + Boring= Negoring.
Sally: God, the two of them together are not a good combo.

Sarah: I know! They are sooooo negoring! Boring and negative people should never be friends.
by Jaja A March 13, 2010
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