11 definition by Jaja A

People who specifically downrate something to 1 star, just to get the person's rating to drop down to a lower rank.(i.e. webpage, upload, etc.)

Example 1: That guy is a total rater hater! My upload was 5 stars and now it's only 4. That loser must of rated it 1 star!

Example 2: Damn, you got rated hated by someone.
by Jaja A July 31, 2006

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My Fucking God.
Similar to omfg, without the O.
MFG, now she's trying to be nice to me?
by jaja a January 15, 2007

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What president Bush is: A lie dispenser.
"lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie!"
Example 1: All that comes out of President Bush's mouth is lies!
Example 2: I have a Prez dispenser magnet on my fridge.
by Jaja A August 01, 2006

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Anonymous stalker.
When you stalk someone without them knowing it.
I'm his as and he doesn't know it.
by jaja a September 07, 2006

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