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The "point" to a "sup" is one trying to say hello, sup was derived from wassup, which is another variation of What's up. What's up isnt an inquiry but an informal way of saying hello, although it can at times be answered with an actual response (Ex 1.)
Many do in fact actually respond to the question with an answer but quickly disregard it and fray away from it... another way of responding to it would be (Ex 2.)
Ex 1.) "Sup matt?", "Nothing much just watching gay porn on my computer"

Ex 2.) "Sup jew?", "Hey man, havent seen your ass in a long time... wanna hang out on Saturday?"
by Jagged Edge January 04, 2006

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ROT13 encryption of the word "sheesh".

"furrfu" came about in the early 1990's used as a response to urban myths (like chain mail floating around) on newsgroup alt.folklore.urban after users on the newsgroup had complaints that the usual response "Sheesh!" was being overused by alot of newbies.
<dude1> I heard that when visiting the cash for clunkers site at cars.gov you have to agree to allowing your computer to become government property!
<dude2> furrfu, thats bs dude, that agreement only applied to dealerships and even then they fixed the agreement to not say that.
by jagged edge October 10, 2009

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Visual Basic: A programming language created by micro$oft
omg mike you are so kewl you made a nu VB program you are so leet!
by Jagged Edge March 05, 2005

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Having hair around the vaginal area.
Random Guy 1:Yea man, it was gross... she had a huge muffstache.

Random Guy 2:Well she obviously didn't get the memo.... its shaved, Not paved.
by Jagged Edge June 26, 2007

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Address him as master, sir, daddy, or reverend. He owns everyone in Graal. IF you see him you would be blinded by his magestic infra-red powers.
I saw Master Jagged Edge and was blinded by the light.
by Jagged Edge November 25, 2003

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