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Used for obscuring text by replacing each letter with the letter thirteen places down the alphabet. A becomes N, B becomes O and so on. This is used in online forums as a means of hiding joke punchlines, puzzle solutions, movie and story spoilers, and offensive materials from the casual glance.
Hello in ROT13 is "URYYB"
by SCANK April 18, 2005
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a language used among students a few years ago, moving the front of the alphabet to the back, used as a code to hide the solution to quizes and similar.
A = N
B = O
C = P
D = Q
E = R
F = S
G = T
H = U
I = V
J = W
K = X
L = Y
M = Z
N = A
O = B
P = C
Q = D
R = E
S = F
T = G
U = H
V = I
W = J
X = K
Y = L
Z = M

my name is Bushido
zl anzr vf Ohfuvqb
by Bushido January 12, 2004
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