4 definitions by Jaelen Sisera

Food Induced Orgasm
The picture of crab cakes on the menu gave me an F.I.O.
by Jaelen Sisera July 11, 2019
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Clothing you can wear to work or out on the town; not a uniform.
He looked so handsome in his city clothes. It was a dramatic improvement from the Oompa Loompa uniform he wore to the factory.
by Jaelen Sisera September 8, 2018
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A house built in 10 days by 10 unskilled laborers earning 10 dollars per hour.
Girl, don't buy that 10-10-10 House, you're just asking for trouble!
by Jaelen Sisera October 3, 2007
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A crazy person who is also not very bright
This dimnut thought she could pay her bar tab with a Bass Pro gift card.
by Jaelen Sisera September 8, 2018
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