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Adlibing or performing something unprepared. Usually something an under-achiever does in school when it comes to speech's, like how I used to be.

A better word to use than adlib because it is worth a million dollars if you can say it and not sound as if you just added the word in your speech to sound smarter.

A word that if Bush uttered it, he would die. His brain would collapse from the sheer athleticism of the word itself and the amount of syllables in it. There are to many valiant movements of the mouth and mandible bone to utter this golden fragment of the English language.

Also something people do when they think of a word to put on this site and quickly think of a definition for it so they can come back two days later, read it, and smile...like me.

Here is a word that you'll have fun butchering and making a slang term out of. Lets start with the 'newly invented term by me at this very moment' "Xtemp" which will be pronounced 'S'temp'

This definition will not get any thumbs up because, I ask the question, "How the hell is somebody going to know about this word?" "It's not even slang."

:) Smile (:
It is so inexplicably common in high school of how one goes unpreprepared and performs a speech extemporaneously in front of an audience and fails to draw attention to themselves effectively. For future reference it is better to prepare and if done correctly you shall recieve a higher appraisal. That is, of course, if delivering speech's is appealing to you.

George Bush: "Extemparsieninininininin"
by Jacob The Red August 22, 2006
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One of the best, uncelebrated, unrecognized, holidays on the planet. It speaks for itself.

It is the day when all men/women can stop and kick the little elementary school kid(who flipped him/her off while driving by his/her bus stop) right in the head.

It is a day when a little kid is kicked in the head for spewing insults at somebody older than him/her, breaking one of the most respectable morals of all: "Do not disrespect your elders."

To sum things up, if this uncelebrated day was recognized by americans, and then legalized, there would be a lot of little kids out there with foot prints on their fore heads.
Little Timmy, for know perticular reason, began to shout incoherent profanity at the stranger who walked by him as he sat on his porch. "HAHA you stupid ass stupid butt douche ass."

The stranger approached little Timmy, calm, and said, "Why little boy, do you know what day it is?"

Confused, his brow furrowing, the boy replied, "No, what?"

The stranger huffed in a great breathe of air, open his eyes really wide like a madman, and yelled, "KICK A LITTLE KID DAY!!!" as he through the hardest kick he could manage right at the little boys fore head.
by Jacob The Red August 30, 2006
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Teacher: "Why did you Xtemp Billy?"

Billy: "What?"
by Jacob The Red August 30, 2006
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