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An ailment afflicting bloggers. Excessive and frequent evacuation of blog postings, runny ones with little substance, usually indicating emotional distress or disorder.
Her blog used to be so dependable and regular, I set my watch by it. But lately, she clearly has a case of blog-arrhea!
by jacks_inbox June 09, 2005

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Having or showing fond feelings or affection; loving and tender. BUT, all done over email, IM, text messages, and phone!
Dude, she and I screwed off all day on email. My boss would be pissed but it was so e-ffectionate!
by Jacks_inbox June 08, 2005

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1. A person (always a female) that shows no symptoms of a disease but harbors the infectious agent of that disease and is capable of transmitting it to others during sexual contact.

2. A baseball-like game played by children with two or more bases. Also known as pickle.
Guy 1: Dude, why are you bent over and limping.
Guy 2: I had a run in with a hotbox.
Guy 1: Hotbox? I haven't played that in years!
Guy 2: I was referring to a your sister.
by jacks_inbox October 27, 2005

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