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A shit where if you eat too much McDonalds, you will pay for it. A McDonalds shit consists of a large crap that comes out slowly. Very slowly. The shit will sometimes pause and leave you in pain. They take an estimate of 20 minutes. If you want to be sure you will have a McDonalds shit make sure you have lots of McNuggets and lots and lots of Coca Cola.
McDonaldsee- Whoops. I'll be in the bathroom for an hour.

Person- Why what the hells wrong?

Mcdonaldsee- I just ate 40 chicken nuggets and 3 large cokes I got a McDonalds Shit
by Jackie Mother Fucking Chan May 10, 2009

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To badly criticize someone on every aspect of their life in every way shape and form. Created by Sir Steven Delahunty
Alright Connor Im gonna sum this up for you. Your fat. Your really fucking fat. You fucking love ketchup like a faggot. You got an 8000 dollar computer that your mom bought you because your fat. Umm, you get beat up by kids younger than you and... yea Connor thats your sum-up.
by Jackie Mother Fucking Chan May 09, 2009

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Problem where you are always horny and want to fuck all the time
Hornista: Hey, wanna fuck?

Person: Whats your problem

Hornista: I suffer from Hornism
by Jackie Mother Fucking Chan May 09, 2009

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A process by which a drug dealer becomes the most grimiest peice of shit in the whole world
Maravigliaist- Ey whats good bro, I was just wondering if you wanted to give me a half ounce of weed for my dead uncles chainsaw?

Person- Wow. Talk about Maravigliaism.
by Jackie Mother Fucking Chan May 02, 2009

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