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one is a 'brass cat' when one fucks others in the arse
"Frank stop fucking that man you brass cat"
by Ja January 28, 2004
Sexually pleasuring yourself or somebody else.
Hey bitch, we twerkin tonite?
by Ja December 10, 2002
The absolute most kick-ass band ever to be around. Their own style of original music. Real music that is shunned by MTV pissers.
What the fuck is that shitty music? Fuck you, that's Mars Volta, greatest band ever.
by Ja April 22, 2004
Mar- Diet Coke
V- Vanilla Diet Coke
Susan- Diet Coke w/ lemon
Amy- Cherry Coke
Kae- Sprite Remixx
The Crisp DC used 2 do everything 2gether....
by Ja January 25, 2004
See Slapper,

Mature woman who enjoys frequent dirty shaggin'.
"look at that old battle axe, she walks like a cowboy"
by Ja November 14, 2003
noun: a combination of dyslexia and alzheimer's disease. the inability to remember correctly, but to remember pieces, in a scrambled fashion.
what's his name? you know, he was in the movie with what's her name, the one about the woman who lived in L.A.?
by Ja July 4, 2004