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Something white males cannot accomplish properly sober
did you see John last night dancing on the table?
by JY September 02, 2003

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Jeans that anybody can wear but mostly black people.
Girbaud has straps on it that says M+FG. M+FG is a name that stands for Marthé et François. Most of the girbauds r sold in the city. Maybe your mall but i got my girbaud downtown. price around $60-$85.
Some guy that want to buy girbaud jeans:Tight girbauds man? were u get em?
Guy with girbaud:I got it in the hood(also somelocated downtown)
by Jy May 10, 2006

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a short truckie.
usually oblivious to the distain other co-workers have for him.
See: Vain(particularly with his hair)

See: Lazy
Look at that lazy snax not doin a thing again!

Look at all those snax takin a nap.
by jy October 19, 2005

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