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The act of chugging a full 12oz draft beer in as casual a manner as possible. While normal beer chugs may bring attention to the chugger and put them at risk of being kicked out of the bar for being too drunk, the casual chug is done in a way that no attention is drawn to the person. A perfect casual chug is done under the radar in around 30 seconds, lulling those around almost to sleep while avoiding detection from bartenders, waitresses, managers or bouncers
"Wow, that casual chug was so casual I almost didn't even realize you got another beer."
by jvince September 17, 2015
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the need to get a large handfull or grabing of an item. This term can be used for mostly anything, and needs to be used in the right context
Dave asked Ryan if he could get a lockness on some of his chips. Dave then follwed up with a hand motion that involved him almost digging into something deep.
by JVince December 11, 2006
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