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A secondary word for a fear of something , example , i have aracnophobia (Fear of spiders )
by JTube September 2, 2018
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Whenever characters in movies/video games/cartoons/other interact with the audience in some way
Guy watching movie: this character sucks
character in movie: *Looks at the guy* No i dont!
Guy watching movie: the f***? thats breaking the fourth wall!
by JTube March 26, 2019
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Admin sit is a video game terminology where if you done something wrong in a server in multiplayer thats against the rules you will be put in an hidden room where the admin tells you not to do something
Player1: im gonna kill everyone in this server, hopefully, I won't get in an Admin sit
Admin: *brings player1*
by JTube April 19, 2019
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A popular FrankerFaceZ emote of a zoomed-in version of LUL from Twitch. Used to express Laughter and Humor in Twitch chat and is mostly used in popular streamers chat.
Donator tts: chat pretend I said something relatable
by JTube December 14, 2020
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An Terminology also known as The Forest, a large area of land covered with lots of Trees.
YouTuber: let's go into the woods at 3 am
viewers: what is this shit
by JTube July 10, 2019
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