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Abbreviation of Mad Gatherings.

See Mad Gatherings
Dude, I can't wait for the next MG!
by JKybett July 11, 2010
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Mad Gatherings are overnight (sometimes multiple nights) camping parties run by Broseph, Brolum and Broheim (who together make Aros, the god of parties).
The name originates from a blue letter "m" which was stolen from a sign that originally said "Home Farm / Business Park" and now, thanks to the Aros, says "Hoe Farm / Buns". (All the letters removed were removed by Broseph and the famous "m" is now in the possession of Brolum)

Mad Gatherings are often host to some drug usage, drunkenness, sex and firespinning and firebreathing.
They are not to be missed if you ever have a chance to go.
Person1: Dude, you going to the next Mad Gatherings?
Person2: The next MG? Wouldn't miss it for the world!
by JKybett July 11, 2010
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The term given to a English/American (dual-national) who is a bro of supreme awesomeness, co-runs awesome parties and generally is awesome at life.

Brolum forms one third of Aros, the god of parties, when accompanied by Broseph and Broheim and their Mad Gatherings are not to be missed. Brolum is most likely the most alcoholic and most lovable of the three and his artwork is greatly loved by all.
Broseph: "Yo, Brolum! Let's get Broheim and get this MG started!"
Brolum: "Hellz-to-tha-yeah, we need to get some booze from the shops by the campsite before we go up though"
Broseph: "Of course. We gonna be able to get alchy this easy when we're in the states, by the way?"
Brolum: "Probably, Ill go get it while you're in customs."
Broseph: "Damn you and your yankee passport!"
They both laugh.
by JKybett July 11, 2010
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