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Twats that you say? is a nasty way of answering people, either to be dirty or to pick a fight.
Twats that you say? I cunt hear you. But tits all right. I've got in-fuck-tion in my ear. Bare ass me again.
by JJFoote June 22, 2017
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10+ = Unbelievably beautiful, too beautiful
10 = Beautiful
9 = Very Pretty
8 = Pretty
7 = Cute
6 = Presentable
5 = Plain
4 = Less than plain; unattractive
3 = Very unattractive
2 = Ugly
1 = Very ugly
On a 1-10 Female attractiveness scale), Cathy is a 4, but she gets action from hanging out with Blythe who is a perfect 10.
by JJFoote November 19, 2016
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A person who acts like a tough guy, but can't back it up. The term derives from the character of Barney Fife, the Deputy Sheriff of Mayberry on the Andy Griffith Show who often acted tough when he was obviously not tough at all.
You're getting all Barney Fife on me. You're acting like a Barney bad-ass.
by JJFoote November 2, 2017
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Female who has been with a stud who is too good or big for her to enjoy another man.
Julie has been with Nick, so she is spoiled goods.
by JJFoote September 6, 2016
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Being with a stud who is so good or is so big, she is ruined for other men.
Man, this chick was with Shifeton, so she is ruined.
by JJFoote September 6, 2016
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