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JJ & Ambie

A JJ is a guy who is slick like oil.
A Ambie is a girl who is as pure as spring water --Put together they become the first type of Oil & Water that can actually mix together.
"Hey Greg, Did you hear they created JJ & Ambie as a replacement for gas? Putting them together they'll burn forever!"
by JJ💔LOVE May 22, 2022
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"I found out my husband is sexting a sext hag so I divorced him."
by JJ💔LOVE May 21, 2022
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A husband that was divorced because they got caught sexting another person.
My sext-husband keeps trying to text me but doesn't realize that's why I divorced him.
by JJ💔LOVE May 16, 2022
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Giving a reason why a person sexting someone they're not supposed to.
"My husband's sextplanation for sexting her was my fault he said."
by JJ💔LOVE May 22, 2022
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