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One who looks up words which have been artificially created for the purpose of fiction or comedy.
I've just realised that I'm a Tnetennba.
by JB42 June 30, 2010

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A swear word to describe a malicious and evil mother fucker.
Jonny, there aren't enough swear-words in the English language, so now I'll have to call you perkeleen vittupää just to express my disgust and frustration with this crap.
by JB42 November 13, 2014

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Suggests that a PR team may be manipulating the media in order to bring hype back to an old subject.
Newspaper: Watches Are Rediscovered by the Cellphone Generation.
PG: The suit is back.

In other news, chocolate may actually be good for you.
by JB42 July 10, 2011

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A delivery service for chick pea based dips. The service is generally rather poor, with the posted product taking so long to arrive that it generally arrives after the recipient's death.
I ordered some hummus from posthummus last night; sadly they didn't give an express delivery option, so it may have to be used at my funeral.
by JB42 May 31, 2011

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Sitting Quietly and Typing. A more truthful form of LOL.
Grace: So, how're you doing today?
Flula: Oh, you know, ok. SQAT.
by JB42 October 11, 2014

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It's a wedding festival.
I just had the most awesome weekend ever at Wedstock! A couple of my mates just put on this sweet music festival for their wedding!
by JB42 May 31, 2011

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A sport similar to parahawking whereby you find an attractive parahawker and follow them through the thermals.
Jonny: Hey Jimmy, I saw a hot chick whilst parahawking the other day so followed her instead of my bird.

Jimmy: Sounds like you were parastalking.
by JB42 December 22, 2011

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