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A school in New York City that is very much similar to that of Regis and Xavier High School. It has tough academics along with a plethora of useful electives and many overqualified teachers. The school has a reputation for being full of faggot geeks. Although this is true to an extent(proven by the obsession with the male singer Justin Bieber that swept through the school on 12/17/09) the kids there, if they know how to correctly manage their time, are able to have a social life.
Many students have commutes over an hour and a half just to go to Fordham Prep
by JAYZFROMNYC January 05, 2010
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Train Capture the Flag is a game that is played on a public transportation line(s) often between two high schools. The rules are that each team gets half of the territory on the train line(s) and the players are only allowed to go on the trains and the platforms. Other than this, the rules are nearly exactly the same as regular capture the flag. The game originated in New York City on the Metro-North's Harlem line. It was thought up of by a group of fordham prep students in the year 2009. Since then, it has been played a great deal of times in chicago, boston, and even LA. Despite this, its dominance still remains in NYC.
"Hey, lets play some train capture the flag."
"Yea, its really fun, but I hate paying for all of the train tickets"
"Yea, it's worth it though."
by JAYZFROMNYC January 05, 2010
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