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One of the most prestigious high schools in the tri-state area, located in Manhattan. Sometimes referred to as just Xavier or Xavier Prep. These boys are hot and some of the smartest you'll ever meet. Most will end up becoming a tremendous success and everyone knows it. What separates Xavier boys from boys at other NYC Prep schools (especially their rival Regis) is that boys at Xavier are able to maintain a spotless academic record, and still have an awesome social life.
1. "Wow, see that boy?"

"Yeah, I think he goes to Xavier."

"Not a surprise... he's so smart! I bet he'll be a Fortune 500 CEO one day."

2. Girls love Xavier High School boys, because they know that their boy is a future CEO but can still party.
by nycprepgirl1682 April 10, 2011
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A top tier high school located in Manhattan, New York. It's run by the Shmizz City Mobstas and their affiliates. Shmizz City's reach is global, with their headquarters in the Cook Islands. Xavier kids aspire to be in Shmizz City because it's TOO SWEET.
Hey, have you heard about those ocky mobstas from Xavier High School?
by cks235 February 01, 2018
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