To ride the Metro-North railroad from/to 125th Street to/from Grand Central Terminal. Usually used by riders who did not normally ride this train between these two stations before the New York City Transit strike of 2005.
"How are you getting downtown this morning?"
"I'm going to metro-north it instead of walking."
by raymond.e.c December 22, 2005
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The Metro-North Railroad is a semi-decent commuter railroad in the New York metropolitan area. There are three lines, the Hudson Line (to/from Poughkeepsie); the Harlem (to/from Wassaic) and the New Haven Line (to/from New Haven, Conneticut). The New Haven Line has three smaller branches into Danbury, New Caanan and Waterbury. All three lines go as south as Grand Central Terminal.
I need to go home to Poughkeepsie, the Metro-North Railroad dosen't run past 1am.
by 1-800-MARGARITA July 18, 2006
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The railroad running from GCT in NYC to points north in upstate New York. The Metro-North Railroad (MNR) is operated by the MTA and joint-run by NJT West of the Hudson and joint-run by CT in Connecticut on the New Haven Line.
I took the Metro-North Railroad the other to Valhalla. Friendly conductors, and a pretty nice ride. Wish there was a little more legroom.

Nice. The last time I took the MNR, the train was delayed......
by ThatGuyWhoFilmsTransit January 12, 2021
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