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When a woman has her period in the month of December and spoils the festive mood!
Her Christmas Krampus cleared out the entire room!
by J.Marinaro March 10, 2016

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When a Co-worker or boss prevents you from applying Or Blocks you from another job or position, due to being an ass OR not wanting to loose a valued asset. Similar to Cock Blocked but in a work related situation.
Jim in accounting job blocked me for that promotion.
by J.Marinaro May 08, 2013

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A meat apple! A piece of meat in which someone is so hungry they eat it with their hands, like an apple.
Dude, he just picked up that steak and started eating it with his hands. like a Mapple!
by J.Marinaro March 10, 2016

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A Relationship that is Extremely Dysfunctional, damaging and only driven by sex.
Those two's Dysfucktional Relationship has caused problems with all their friends
by J.Marinaro October 07, 2015

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