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v: To eat someone out is to allow them into your house and let them eat food from your house for free. Different verb tense of the term "smoke out".
J-Thizz: "Natalie, smoke me out tommorrow."
Natalie: "No i already did, what have you done for me?"
J-Thizz: "I'll eat you out at my house today!"
by J-Thizz May 23, 2008
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To lay hands on someone is to want to fight someone. As in lay your fists on their body to create pain.
"He's talkin shit bout my grandma, so i'm bouta lay hands on a nigga."
by J-Thizz May 14, 2008
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A sexual orientation referring to someone who is a lurk. Used to joke with friends, not meant to label actual lurks.
"Damn, fool you were so lurksexual at that party. You should have just spat some game at those girlies."
by J-Thizz May 14, 2008
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v.:to fight another person. square off with an opponent.
"Lil homeboy's tryna chunk up the duece with me, hell nah"
by J-Thizz May 14, 2008
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Referring to someone who is popular or famous in order to let the other person know that you yourself are popular and actually have friends. The event being described is usually a lie, or the story was exaggerated. Most of the time name dropping is used by people who think they are cool, but are not.
Can become very hazardous to one's mental and sometimes physical health.

Julio: "I was just chilling with my boy Will Smith, and we hella partied and shit."
Matt: "Did you really dude? That makes you hella cool."
Louis: "Shaaam, i think you're just name dropping."
by J-Thizz May 14, 2008
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Word used to call out a bluff or acknowledge a lie. Mostly used for ridiculous lies. If the statement is way too unbelievable then shaaam can be hyphenated to spell Sha-Ham
"Shaaam, you're not black."

Jon: Dude, i got that hot ass girl pregnant.
Louis: Sha-Haaaam, no you did not.
by J-Thizz May 14, 2008
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To throw down money in order to purchase alchohol, or an illegal drug. Usually used in groups of four or more.
Louis: "You tryin' to buy up a dub?"
Niko: "Yeah, but i only got ten dollars."
Louis: "It's all good, I'll throw fade for you."
by J-Thizz May 20, 2008
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