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A friend who 1) tells you there are hot chicks at a party (and he actually thinks they are hot) but in fact they are fuglies or 2) a friend who proclaims there will be tons of girls at his party and there are not many at all. (Ironically, his mortness might still be revealed when the few girls that are there actually weigh a few tons)
Holy shit Randy, you said there were going to be a bunch of dimes here but there are only fuglies and blanca-looking femmes. Your such a fucking mort!
by J-Dolla May 07, 2006
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The smell that exists when a fat person doesn't wash and the smell particles get trapped in the creases creating magnified emissions of stank.
When Wanda entered the room, it was no surprise to anyone that the smell that she carried with her was that of mulk.
by J-Dolla May 03, 2006
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