9 definition by J Kelso

a state of utter confusion, or not knowing what the hell is going on.
Dave: So you, err, come here often?
Jeff: What are you talking about?
Dave: Dude, I was just trying to kill the arkward silence.
Jeff: What? I'm Confuddled...
by J Kelso December 12, 2006

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An unpleasant term for the result of Year 7s going out. ussually stop after a couple of weeks, but in many circumstances stays there for the whole time. sometimes the term "awkward silence syndrome" is used.
Jeff: hey Dave, how's it going with you and Emma?
Dave: not so good, i suppose there must be some Awkward Silence syndrome that we need to sort out.
Jeff: Bummer. I hear that usually goes away within a couple of weeks though.
Dave: Well, I hope so, cause if it doesn't I'm gonna have to wait till I'm not an annoying little freak who no-one in their right mind would ever want to even look at.
Jeff: I know Dave, all of us want to be in Year 10, but we'll just have to wait......
by J Kelso December 12, 2006

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