9 definitions by J Kelso

Ed: there's too many bums in Cambridge. why don't they just get jobs?
Dave: you're such a Hobophobe, man.
by J Kelso October 23, 2007
An unpleasant term for the result of Year 7s going out. ussually stop after a couple of weeks, but in many circumstances stays there for the whole time. sometimes the term "awkward silence syndrome" is used.
Jeff: hey Dave, how's it going with you and Emma?
Dave: not so good, i suppose there must be some Awkward Silence syndrome that we need to sort out.
Jeff: Bummer. I hear that usually goes away within a couple of weeks though.
Dave: Well, I hope so, cause if it doesn't I'm gonna have to wait till I'm not an annoying little freak who no-one in their right mind would ever want to even look at.
Jeff: I know Dave, all of us want to be in Year 10, but we'll just have to wait......
by J Kelso December 12, 2006
to be Anti - to be in any way negative towards something.
Ed: hey, do you want to come to church with me on sunday? or are you anti.

Dave: sorry man, no-can-do, football.
by J Kelso October 23, 2007
a complete twat of a man who only comes out when someone is trying to wake someone else up.

often used in the term "to get one's sleep twat on"
i was trying to wake dave up so we could leave for town but he got his sleep twat on so we left him at home.
by J Kelso November 11, 2007
Feeling as though it is later than it really is due to having gone for a drink in the afternoon.
Person A: "hey, how are you?"
Person B: "I'm OK, but feeling a bit Pub-Lagged, I went to the Live And Let Live at about five today."
by J Kelso December 3, 2006
discriminating against, making fun of or otherwise being Anti towards Homeless people (Hobos)
Ed: did you see that bum playing amazing grace on the penny whistle? why doesn't he get a real job?

Dave: you're so Hobophobic.
by J Kelso October 23, 2007
annoying, cheeky little high pitched children who think they have a right to be in secondary school when they don't.
year 7: yeah? you wanna start something?
Year 9: *punches him in the nose*
year 7: owww what was that for? *starts crying*
by J Kelso December 19, 2006