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Winter’s a Beautiful and strong woman shes cute and adorable and shes really trustworthy. She always cares about you and shes always there for you and She deserves so much love. Never bully or hurt winter Cause shes stronger than you think She Will hit back. Shes an amazing and wonderful girl
Winter (name)s Friend: that girl over there whats her name

Friend nr 2: oh her name is winter shes really Nice

Friend nr 1: She seems lovely. So Beautiful and adorable. But tiny
by Itsalexyourdad May 11, 2019

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A girl who’s a mixture of hot cute and Beautiful shes all three at the same time and shes so strong and honest. Her personality is great and can make anyone fall in love within a second Maziya is someone you should take great care of snd never hurt never leave her behind if You ever find a maziya. Keep her close


ME: Nhushee-
by Itsalexyourdad February 12, 2019

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a Beautiful girl who’s unbeliably strong and talented shes Also shy and sensitive as hell but shes super Nice and cares more about others than herself and an unbelievably good daughter and everyone should have a kira in their lives
Me: kira you need to text soon youre missed alot
Kira: *doesnt know me*. Well if you see this kira, you know who i am. I miss you kid
by Itsalexyourdad February 12, 2019

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A word for peace
Friend: hey, let me be in pewwe
Me: fine I’ll let you be for now
But let’s make pewwe in the world
by Itsalexyourdad February 10, 2019

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a person who’s so amazing and so beautiful she’s tiny as hell but strong and can take more shit than anyone else she’s the most understanding and caring person you’ll ever meet and not everyone has a jiseul in their life but they should cause she makes life so much more worth to live but she’s also extremely soft and will most likely cry if you’re too nice, also sensitive so don’t scream at her
Person: is that a jiseul over there? Crying over that boy

Person 2: go to her make her happy she doesn’t deserve being sad
by Itsalexyourdad February 10, 2019

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