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Green Corn is Amish slang for marijuana.
Ezekiel: Brother Amos, our hard work has paid off, God has blessed us with fine weather and a bountiful harvest this year.

Amos: Word. I got a fat (burlap) sack full of green corn, a new buggy, and the finest horse in all of Lancaster County! What more could a man want?
by ironhouse December 14, 2012

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Texting someone next to you the words "made you look" then insulting them for looking.
(After the person next to me checks checks their phone)

I made you look, I can't believe you fell for that, loser.
by ironhouse December 14, 2012

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(Pronounced coursay lay-mon) Coors Light with a lemon added to it, instantly turning it into an upscale drink of sophisticated gentlemen.
In this age of beer snobs the working man often finds himself looking foolish at a party for drinking "common folk" beer such as Coor Light. By getting his Coors Light in a glass, then adding a wedge of lemon he instantly turns his beer into the very classy Coorse' Le'mon, not only fitting in, but becoming the talk of the party for his sophistication and excellent taste in beer.
by Ironhouse December 10, 2012

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