2 definitions by Iplantree

When you have to sign off on something but the recipient actually needs to hear 'suck a bag of dick' or 'Go fuck yourself'
Dear Cst,

I'm so sorry that when you were so busy getting high on yourself and showing your powerful ability to have a complete lack of regard for human life, you bumped yourself on my elbow while you were throwing me around. In the future, instead of assaulting you with the sheer fact that my body even exists, I will hide in the bushes and try not to breath instead of asking for help.


by Iplantree June 26, 2020
When someone gatekeeps all the chores just to lord it over everyone else.
"Cheryl just 'bitch cleaned' the office kitchen again. Did you see her email?"

"Let's meet up. I can't be at home right now. Ryan is 'bitch cleaning' the house like it's on fire."

"Ughh. Ty is 'bitch cleaning' the group project. He just did all the analysis, tables and graph's last night like a squirrel on PCP and is now giving us all the silent treatment. Group projects are such a stroll though hell..."
by Iplantree June 22, 2018