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When someone is abnormally urged to do something.
Person 1:"Want to watch JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders together?"
Person 2:"Oh I'm so bloody pressed."
by Internet_Theorist April 4, 2022
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It's that type of meme that you show to a friend, so he asks why anyone would find this funny.
But you are on such a high level of irony, you don't even care if it makes sense.
That's the joke of surreal memes.

(But it is a special kind of meme which probably won't get ruined by normies. The reason for that is that a normal person would not understand the joke so they wouldn't even try to steal it. None of their 9gag friends would consider it as funny.)
Ted:"Look at this surreal meme."
Fred:"This makes no sense. But it is kinda funny to pretend it would make sense."
by Internet_Theorist October 24, 2017
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