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Australian colloquial term for 'fuck'. Based on the sound of the Australian Raven. The Australian Raven has a distinctive call that sounds like 'Faaark!'
A famous Australian variety show host, Graham Kennedy, got in some trouble back in the seventies when he cried "Faaark!" on live television.
" Fuck me! I had a cunt of a day at work and then I forgot to go to the bottle-o on the way home for a six-pack! FAAARK!"]
by Indica Man September 24, 2010

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A common term used by aboriginal Australians to define Cannabis. The slang is becoming more popular among non-indigenous Australian smokers.
"Hey brother, you got any Yarndy?"

"No bro, but I'm getting on to a Fitty later if you wanna come over."
by Indica Man May 10, 2008

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Phrase. (Australian): The standard question one asks when looking for cannabis in an Australian Pub. The question is usually asked of anyone who looks stoned, or looks like a biker. Also interchangable with Hyge, meaning hydroponic or indoor grown budas opposed to bush, or outdoor 'bush buds'.
G'day old mate, dunno where I could score a biddabush hey?
by Indica Man August 18, 2008

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noun, (Australian Slang): Twenty Dollars worth of cannabis. Usually between 1.5 and 2 grams.
I just went over to old mates place and picked up a Chenny. Feel like a Billy or two?
by Indica Man August 18, 2008

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noun. (Australian Colloquialism):Usually low quality, outdoor (scrub) grown cannabis. Often seedy. On rare occasions, high quality seedless (sinsemilla) Bush Buds can be sourced from quality growers that nearly attain the potency of indoor or hydro grown seedless weed.
I went over to score a Q off old mate, but all he had was crappy Bush Buds. I was chasing Hyge.
by Indica Man August 18, 2008

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Also spelled chooff. Believed to be derived from chuff, an onomatopoeic word that describes a train 'chuffing' along the tracks. Choof is onomatopoeic when used to describe smoking pot, or a train on a hill. Listen or think of the sound of someone who takes a big toke, then tries to hold back a coughing fit

1: v. To smoke cannabis in a joint, pipe or bong(billy).

2: n. An indefinite quantity of marijuana.

3: n. The sound a train makes.
1: "I'm gonna choof a few billies and then crash for a while."

2: "I'm gonna see if I can get onto a bit of choof later on. Wanna come over for a smoke?"

3: The train went choof choof up the hill.
by Indica Man May 10, 2008

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Noun. (Australian colloquialism):
A small bag of cannabis. Usually costs $50 and weighs around 3.5 grams (an eighth of an ounce). Generally pronounced 'fiddy'.
I'm heading over to old mates to pick up a Fitty.
by Indica Man August 18, 2008

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