a girl that does ecstasy alot
jackie is a beanie baby.. she has beans every weekend
by green beans xoxo October 3, 2005
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A Hispanic baby, usually conceived by illegal immigrants.
The beaner working the field had a beanie baby in her arms
by pfijcali June 3, 2010
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A chick who has a cheesy name like "Hope" or and likes really sappy life quotes.
Yo dawg, last night this girl was sayin all this cheesy shit to me, but eventually she shut up and I got to slam dat Beanie Baby.
by Hudson River December 3, 2006
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The progeny of two lesbian women, scissoring, with the action resulting in a child.
The progeny can cover all ends of the character spectrum, but will always be anal and have the lesbian traits of the parents.
Ryan: Hey you guys, I'm so cool, and babes dig me.
Sandy: such a beany baby.
by sandy Bashman May 26, 2011
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The little balls of lint that get stuck in your vagina and turn hard, you know the ones.
My friend thought I ate a poppyseed bagel because of what was in my teeth. Told him it was just my girl’s beanie baby.
by Beanie baby lover February 14, 2021
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