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Equalism is the belief that we should all be equal. This means that all races, genders, sexualities, etc are equal. Basically feminism with a better name as when you have a name with a gender pronoun in it; you are inferring that it is woman who are oppressed- when that is not the case. Thus this gives its name equalism.
“I believe that we should be equal so I have become an equalist-someone who partakes in equalism. Not a feminist as that movement is improper and isn’t about equality.”
by Ilikedogsbuticanteatawhole1 October 27, 2019
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Jonny TDoggo Shelby is the best doggo you will ever see!! He is the cutest and cleverest doggo in the world. He gets his name Jonny as it was given to him from dogs trust and his adoptive family could come up with anything better. T Doggo comes as a derivative from the doggo; he is called this as no other dog can ever come close to being as good a him hence why he is called The Doggo. Finally he gets his name Shelby after the family in the tv programme Peaky Blinders. He is called after the family as he shares many similarities to the family such as a was a gypsy dog before being adopted and he came from Ireland and moved to Edinburgh. After years of abuse and mistreatments he was left with many emotional issues especially around other dogs. But all is not lost as his family are taking great care of him and are nurturing him perfectly. He is one of the cuddliest boys you’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting and is beautiful. Also go follow him on Instagram at Jonny T Doggo.
Jonny T Doggo Shelby I love and you are soooo beautiful!
by Ilikedogsbuticanteatawhole1 October 27, 2019
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Sorley is a person who eats dogs. He does so by unhinging his jaw and swallowing them whole. Not only does he do this, he also copies people Minecraft floor design. His best trait is that he doesn’t kill your mum. However he often may kill your pet guinea pig by placing it in his ass.
Jeez Sorley! Did u just eat my dog again!

Bend over so I can rescue my doggo
by Ilikedogsbuticanteatawhole1 October 23, 2019
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You can use the Verbal diarrhoea to describe a string of words which form a sentence that are so stupid, so idiotic and so god awful it is like someone has spewed diarrhoea from their mouth and the sounds that the diarrhoea has made from hitting the floor has created those awful words.
(Unintelligible babbling because she thinks she can sing)

can you stop the erratic and nonsensical words that are spewing oot yer mooth!!!

You’re so called singing sounds like verbal diarrhoea!! You idiot!!
Miss!!! He just called me an IDIOT!!!!
But you’ve spewed verbal diarrhoea on my shirt ya eejit!!!
by Ilikedogsbuticanteatawhole1 October 29, 2019
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