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Mr. Nice Guy, Is a way to describe the certain situation -Where your dick is not HARD, nor Soft.... Meaning there's enough blood pumped in it to give it some respected amounts of girth and heftiness, and a very nice banana shape... And, there's not enough blood to make it erect and create some discomfort in public nudity places(i.e Public showers, Schools gym shower, Sauna...).
All this makes a perfect situation for walking proudly among other fellow men which do not or are not currently having this phenomenon.
Public showers are a great place to have a "Mr. Nice Guy", because you walk proudly among other shrinked and springie looking dicks...
Also a great time for it, is when you show him to a lady, So she can fully appreciate the shape and size of the tool.
Guy A, *Walks into the showers in his health club... While having a "Mr. Nice Guy"...*

Guy B Through F, Look(or rather glance, to not seem homo/gay) with awe and respect to Guy A's penis to see the marvel that walks among them...

***Needless to say -Guy A walks tall and proud of the 7th wonder of the world hanging astonishingly from his lower body...
by Igneshto November 11, 2009

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To buzz, or "buzzing" is the verb used when you post something on Google Buzz.
Synonym to "twitting" or "posting to profile"...
"Dude! Check out what I just buzzed!"
"Bro, your latest buzz is crazy!"
by Igneshto February 10, 2010

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