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A synonym for cockbloking, cheating

A term used in the past tense (Pooched) when someone has been cockbloked or cheated on.

The origin of the word comes from a well-known character in Montreal, Canada and the surroundings.
Tagged as a musician, love and dating Guru, Pooch is a caricatural character, often depicted as a antagonist by himself. Loved by most and hated by some for diverse sexual or relationship reasons.

Over the years, his stories and events made so many angry husbands that the expression took a form in itself, spreading itself from mouth to ear.
- This guy's a real Pooch, don't let him near your girlfriend.

- Dude, I went at Sally's place yesterday and she was in the bed with another guy.
- Shit man, you've just been Pooched.

- Hey, who's that guy banging your wife? Oh shit, that's Pooch!

- I went to the club yesterday and met this hot lady, but some random guy came and Pooched her right up my nose! I ended up spending the night alone.
by Ideosynchronicity July 07, 2009

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A term describing someone who takes pleasure in owning Llamas(noobs)

A mix of the word Llama and Molester. The Llamolester gets his online fun by joining random games in FPS games and proceed to kick the sh*t out of newer players, creating LULZs and boosting his ego and kill rec at the same time.
*Deagle Kneivel joined the game*
-"Anonymous347: Oh shit, not him. He's a real Llamolester!."
*Deagle Kneivel AK47ed Anonymous 347*
*Anonymous347 left the game*
by Ideosynchronicity July 15, 2009

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A situation in which a group of French people suddently talk English because of the presense of an English Minority.

This behavior is usually caused because the French people have always been able to adapt, and rarely have the politeness to ask an English fellow to speak French in the presence of a majority. This leads to strange results when the French begin to speak to other French fellows in English, resulting in poor accent and dialogues.

A single English person in an entire group is enough to cause this behavior.
- "Hey great party, eh?
- Pourquoi tu me parle en anglais?!
- Ah, excuse moi..."

- "I think I'm struck with the Abraham Lincoln Syndrom.
- Hey man, I'm french, so talk to me in French!"
- Désolé!"
by Ideosynchronicity July 11, 2009

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The equivalent of Drama Queen for masculine sex
-"OMG I can't believe that Joey is hitting on my ex-girlfriend. Why is he doing that? That,s no cool, I'm gonna tell everybody and ruin his reputation."

-"Dude, you left her. They have the right to do whatever they want together. Stop being such a drama queer about it.
by Ideosynchronicity August 21, 2009

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