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Short for "Submissive" in a BDSM relationship

Short for subwoofer speakers

Short for Suboxone, a prescription rehab medication that makes you feel drowsy and alleviates pain. Suboxone is a rehab medication because it makes you sick if you consume any opiods including heroin
You strike me as more of a sub than a Dom

Brock's got some NICE subs, when he turns them up, you can hear them from a block away

You know anyone who's got some subs? My ankle's bothering me
by Icepick Unicorn December 23, 2016
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AKA- Moonrocks/C3PO/Caviar Gold. The dankest bud around. A large bud soaked in hash oil, then rolled in kief, giving it extra high levels of THC, and giving you a trip to the moon
You got any caviar gold? I'm stressing over the midterms and need a release.
by Icepick Unicorn December 3, 2016
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Sirius Black's nickname due to the mythical creature that was his animagus. His animagus is the padfoot (aka, Barghest of Yorkshire, Cu Sith, Shriker, Galleytrot, etc), which is a large black dog with gleaming eyes that is supposed to have represented death.

His nickname is very commonly mistaken for being created due to a dog's padded feet, but this is incorrect
Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs wrote the Marauder's Map in the Harry Potter series.
by Icepick Unicorn January 24, 2017
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