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A £2 coin. The smallest unit of change carried by a Fulham resident.
Alex: This homeless guy in Fulham just asked me for change!

Person 2: Did you help him out?

Alex: Haha, as if I had anything smaller than a Fulham Pound.

Person 2: Dude, it's January...

Alex: Haha, I hate the poor. Rah.
by Iain1285 October 28, 2010
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To scream at someone so hard that you also vomit, and then you keep screaming and vomiting simultaneously, so that when you scream the vomit goes everywhere.
"Caroline screamed at Rick so much at the bar yesterday that she threw up all over him. She scored double points!"

"Yeah, she really gave him an earful."
by Iain1285 November 9, 2011
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