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The misspelling of "Injun" which is still a racist term for Native/Indian etc.
Person 1: What's the difference between an Injen and a Mexican?

Person 2: Dude, you spelled "Injun" wrong...

Person 1: So? You still get what I mean right?
by I_Like_MusiK76 February 27, 2009
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People who have nothing better to do in life and decide to ruin people's lives by using their super nerd brains to hack into your life and destroy it. It's a nasty cult, I'd say, and I wouldn't want to mess with these fucks cuz they really are internet jesus online with malignant intentions. Beware cuz these assholes will fuck your shit up, literally frying your computer and singe your life into nothing but a target for people to stalk you and ruin your life. It's like the Internet mafia almost, only there is a lot more verbal abuse and threats than actually deaths. They mainly target Myspace users and chatrooms.
Person 1: Yeah this Anonymous dude was threatening me last night and my computer went apeshit. He totally fried my computer, man...

Person 2: Shit, man. Sounds like you really need a big fat bowl of hash. Just think positive, man...

Person 1: Dude, I hope nothing goes wrong for my shit, man. If the damn hacker hacks my shit, I'm so fucking screwed...
by I_Like_MusiK76 February 27, 2009
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